Avant Garde Optical are the sole distributors for Nanovista in the UK and Ireland. In 2015 We had the great opportunity to take on Nanovista and be the first to offer it in the UK. Originally, we offered this alongside other brands however the Nanovista brand has done so well in the UK it is now our main business.

We are proud to have Nanovista and truly believe it is the best children’s eyewear brand available. We are only a small team and are always happy to help no matter what. The business is run by Paul Cotter and his Son James, James has recently finished a marketing degree at university and has been busy looking after the phonelines and processing orders. We have also recently taken on Kelly, who is helping James run the back office.

We are based in Newark, Nottinghamshire with sales reps covering all areas, if you are interested in stocking Nanovista give us a call.


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Product Lines

Nano Vista "Optical"

Rx’able frames for kids design for those who moves most. All NANO Optical frames collection are two in one. With two fixing systems to adapt to evereday situations. Temples for the classroom and headband to play. Comfortable, adaptable, flexible, resistant and long lasting. its extreme flexibility made the indestructibles.

Nano Vista 3.0

Welcome to a new era Yes, a NEW NANO ERA, with capital letters. That is exactly what we have achieved after more than 1 year of engineering work, design and patents to further increase the superiority of our Nano Indestructible collection.

Nano Vista "Solar Clip"

NANO Solar Clip frames are sunglasses for kids. They include an optical frame, an exchangeable headband and a Solar Clip fixed by magnets. They cover all visual needs of the kids with just one frame. At home, school or practising any outdoor activity.

Nano Vista "Glow"

Rx’able frames that glows in the dark thanks to fluorescent particles in the temples. This original feature will help the kids find their frames in the dark if they wake up in the night and increase security  under low visibility conditions.

Nano Vista "Baby"

Baby frames collection. Nano Baby frames get a better adaptation thanks to a different concept. Two frames in One. With two fixing systems to adapt to evereday situations: playing or resting/sleeping.

Nano Vista "Metal"

The thin, light and stylized designs in conjunction with combinations of natural acetate gives this collection a rational minimalist concept with hints Nordic details. Touches of color in the acetates over the metal, appear to collect light on childrens faces. A perfect balance between straight lines and curves to highlight the youth character of the designs, but at the same time, funcionality with a laidback look.

Nano Vista "Cool"

All fashion frames for kids styles are produced with natural acetate and ensure perfect fit to all type of faces in order to obtain an improved comfort. With brushed effect to emphasize the coolest features of the collection by adding a different texture to the surface making the collection going a step ahead of the rest.

Nano Vista "Custom Fit"

The models of the Nano Custom Fit glasses are adapted with a special bridge and also have two fastening systems.

Nano Vista "Sunglasses"

Sunglasses for kids and babies that could be rx’able. Children’s eyes are vulnerable, NANO Sol ensures their visual health and solar protection with full coverage. The sea, the sand, the pool, the snow … there are many different surfaces that reflect and increase solar radiation and exposure to HEV and UV rays. BLUE BLOCK™ lenses protect them against this harmful rays and will help prevent potential diseases that could develop in the future.

Customer Reviews

Hayley and her son George age 5
My Son used to break his glasses on a regular basis, we were forever visiting the opticians to but new ones. We actually found Nanovista online and after looking at the store founder we were able to locate a stockist near us. All I can say is WOW, it has been over 6 months since he got his glasses and they have not suffered any damage at all. We will be sticking with Nanovista for a while. 
Andrew and his daughter Sophia age 8

After looking around for ages we were not able to find any nice glasses for our daughter, everywhere we went had a poor selection and just showed us frames that we could get for free. My daughter was not generally a fan of wearing glasses so it was really important to us that she had a nice pair. Spending a little extra was not an issue for us as we still has the government contribution. We found Nanovista and fell in love, the colour choice was great and the frames are so light my daughter says she forgets she is wearing them. We chose to go for a Sunclip frame as we essentially get a pair of prescription sunglasses for a fraction of the price. I could not recommend Nanovista enough.